Pictor Condensing modulo KR is a modular condensing heat generator for thermal power plants.



  • Wide range of power outputs
  • Can be integrated with solar systems
  • Equipped with housing zone management
  • Can be managed with ethernet network or GSM
  • Cabinets with integrated rain-fender

  • High efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers on individual boilers
  • Total pre-mixed gas burners
  • Modulating gas valves with constant air-to-gas ratio
  • Variable speed combustion fans
  • Differential (flow-return) and minimun pressure switches
  • Available in versions:
  - with stainless steel cabinet for outdoor installation in corrosive environment habitats
  - with painted steel cabinet for outdoor installations
  - without cabinet for installation in thermal power plant
  • Hydraulic separator and collective safety components in the head cabinet (on the right or on the left)
  • Eyebolts for lifting the cabinet and regulator system for level generator installation
  • Rack (optional) for installation to the wall for the version without cabinet
  • Electrical control board for generator management. Pre-set:
- standard, without external communication
- with data communication to PC for the generator’s
  • Ethernet network management
- with data communication via GSM for remote generator management

The electrical control board includes circuit breaker switches protecting each boiler and a differential circuit breaker switch protecting the whole modular heat generator. The versions with the cabinet can be requested with hydraulic separator and gas connection, condensate and water drain positioned on the right (right painted cabinet, right stainless steel cabinet) or on the left (left painted cabinet, left stainless steel cabinet).

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