“ RELIABILITY. We are a reliable marketing partner. Our innovative and high quality products are extremely efficient in terms of energy-savings. Our sales organization enables us to be particularly close to the customer and provides a thorough pre and post sales counselling service. ”

“ INNOVATION. We are the leading manufacturer in the world of radiators in die-cast aluminium, and we have to date introduced a remarkable number of innovations and patents which have become milestones in the history of the heating industry. ”

“ QUALITY. Quality ISO 9001. We offer a range of products with outstanding quality. Design 100% made in Italy and an R&D division which steadily cooperates with the primary international Universities. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification issued by DNV confirms Fondital's dedication to quality assurance. ”

“ COMPLETENESS. We offer complete solutions for heating purposes tailored to any personal requirement or need, asserting ourselves as the only supplier of an all-round package. Our products have a unique design and allow their owners to save on energy and costs while being considerate of the environment. ”

“ INTERNATIONAL SCALE. We are one of the leading suppliers on the market on an international level in the field of heating solutions. Multilingual personnel and representative offices ensure non-stop presence on the global market, as a witness to our "customer-oriented" vision. ”

The development of a dynamic and innovative group

Nova Florida, one of the trademarks of Fondital Group since 1992, has been a market leader in the heating industry for over 40 years. The key to Nova Florida success lies in its commitment to excellence in product quality, achieved through the strict and rigorous quality checks carried out by its research and development laboratories.
Its wide sales network and fast, reliable after sales service combine to make Nova Florida a major player in the worldwide heating sector.

Nova Florida offers a comprehensive range of heating systems including die-cast aluminium radiators, aluminium towel rails, electric radiators, gas-fired convection heaters, floor-standing and wall-mounted boilers, solar collectors and photovoltaic modules.From the design and production of die-casting moulds, to the packaging of finished products, all manufacturing operations are performed using high-tech, state-of-the-art, flexible equipment. A unique system for the treatment of raw materials guarantess that Nova Florida products deliver all the advantages of die-casting technology, offering unparalleled quality and excellent performance as a result of thorough thermodynamic analyses and the extensive experience of Fondital Group engineers.  Each unit is factory tested to ensure the highest possible quality without affecting the time to market. Thanks to its solid sales network and high production capacity Nova Florida has earned a leading position in the global heating industry.