SIMUN80 B2 is the result of a research project aimed at optimizing radiator performance in order to offer a product with excellent mechanical properties and high thermal conductivity. Designed to allow installation in any premises and blend in with any interior style, SIMUN80 B2, entirely made of aluminium alloy, delivers excellent heating performance for homes and commercial buildings.


  • Ideal for low-temperature applications
  • Double coating for lasting finish: anaphoresis + powder coating
  • No welds, so no problems with burrs
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
  • Light for easier handling and installation

Fondital guarantees all SIMUN80 B2 models for 10 years from the date of installation against all production defects.

Models Depth (C) mm Height (B) mm Centre distance (A) mm Length (D) mm Connection diameters (inches) Water capacity (Litres/sect.) W/sect. (∆T 30kW) W/sect. (∆T 50kW) Exponent n Coefficient (Km)
500/80 77 557 500 80 G1 0,25 51,3 98,8 1,2833 0,6524
600/80 77 657 600 80 G1 0,28 58,6 113,5 1,2935 0,7203
700/80 77 757 700 80 G1 0,39 67,2 130,4 1,2993 0,8088
800/80 77 857 800 80 G1 0,44 74,5 144,7 1,2995 0,8966

Maximum working pressure: 1600 kPa (16 bar) Characteristic equation of the model Ф=Кm ΔТn. The thermal efficiency values shown comply with the European Standard EN 442-1:2014 and are certified by the MRT Lab of the Milan Polytechnic, notified body no. 1695.

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